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50 Best Travel Hacks You Need To Know- Lead Perfect Life

Everyone loves to travel, don't we? Sometimes all we want to do on a sunny day is to pack our bags and set out for a voyage journey with company of yourself only.
How beautiful is the feeling of being everywhere and anywhere all by ourselves, but it ain't easy. There are more than a dozen things you should be thinking about doing this and of course you would be needing traveling hacks, lucky you all you need are here.
The best travel hack would be doing a proper research & planning a perfect trip that suits your need. Following sites/apps will help you figure out to-do's & not to do's.
Trip/Itinerary Planning TripIt - Travel Itinerary - Trip PlannerTripcipe: The recipe for your perfect tripTripHobo: Free Vacation PlannerGroup Travel Planner - Travel PlanningTrip Planner | TripomaticHellotravel : Get multiple holiday quotesEzRoadTrips : Road Trip Planner, Attractions, HotelsThe Curated Travel | Custom day-by-day travel itinerariesTravel Guide TripAdvisor: Read …

7 Most Badass Things People Have Done- Lead Perfect Life

What's Badass?
Something that these people below define most precisely by their situation and deeds which no dictionary in words can ever define.

#1. John Carpenter
Meet John Carpenter.

The first person to win the million dollars on Who wants to be a Millionaire. You know what makes him a badass.
He didn't use a single lifeline up until the last question. Yes all his lifelines were still left when he faced the million dollar question.
He was answering all the questions in a jiffy. It was as if he knew the answer to everything. The host himself was baffled by the ease with which John was cruising through the game. 
He answered the half a million question in under 5 seconds, 3 of which he used in smiling at the host. But he wasn't done. The grand finale was yet to come.
His last question was, Which of these US presidents appeared on the Television series “Laugh-in”? He frowned. The crowd held their breath in anticipation. The host kneeled in. Pin drop silence. Tensi…

7 Greatest Scams That Can Fool Anyone- Lead Perfect Life

Scams, one word that can make every person cry, news reporters cry with joy, people who were scammed cry in agony, people who read scams cry in amusement.

Well, all this because some people were smarter than the other people. So how can you avoid scams in your daily life, how can you possibly find out a scam and a truth?

It's simple, you observe. But it's simple but not easy. You have to be more than just attentive, more than just clever and more than just know-it-all to spot a scam and avoid it.

Here we are listing some of the greatest scams of all time, that happened with people due to their inefficiency to think and act. So sit back and enjoy reading people getting fooled :)

#1. Locked
A guy buys a new, nice bicycle that he has always wanted for years. On his way home, everybody gives him wonderful compliments on how stylish and elegant his bicycle is.
He reckons the thieves in his neighborhood will surely try to steal the coveted vehicle, so he stops at a nearby mark…

12 Amazing Benefits Of Being Lazy And Procrastinating- Lead Perfect Life

Lazy people may not be the first one to make the move when in need, but they sure do find ways. where they can get things done with minimum efforts.

They can and do get things done with minimum efforts.

Also as quoted by Bill Gates too...
I would always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job as he would find the easiest way to do it...

I often curse myself for my laziness, my inability to focus on the task at hand, my tendency towards easier and more immediate gratification. 

It leads to nothing but feeling racked with guilt, anxiety and disappointment. Which is a damn shame really. It defeats the purpose of procrastinating in the first place. …So now I’m trying to embrace it. 

Sometimes, a day spent mostly laughing at pet videos, gossiping with colleagues, or discovering on Facebook that the rate of chest compressions in CPR is the beat of “Stayin’ Alive,” should be considered a good day.  

After all, if good things come to those who wait then procrastination is a virtue.